Invested in Taiwan Office to hold the 1st joint review meeting of “Welcome Taiwanese Businessmen to Return to Taiwan Investment Action Plan” to approve the investment case of Accton Technology and Qing Enrich Industry 2

In response to the impact of the US-China trade war, the Executive Yuan approved the "Welcome Taiwanese Investment Return Action Plan" on December 7, 107, designated the investment Taiwan office as a single service window, providing customized services, shortening administrative procedures, and assisting Taiwan. Merchants quickly return to Taiwan to invest. This program was launched on January 1, (108) for a period of three years.

Investing in Taiwan Office held the first joint review meeting of the Welcome Taiwanese Investment Return Action Plan on January 4, 108, and approved two applications for Accton Technology and Qing Enrich.

Accton Technology is one of the leading players in the international network market. In the past, network switches and Netcom equipment products exported from China to the United States accounted for 35% of total revenue. In response to the US-China trade war and the US tariff increase, the company plans to shift production lines. Back to Taiwan, the first phase will be expanded in the Miaoli Guangyuan Science and Technology Park. The estimated investment in production equipment is about NT$800 million. There is still a plan to expand the plant. The demand for Taiwanese business plan for returning to Taiwan includes land professionals, foreign workers and financing. After the approval of the approval meeting, the investment case will not only create more than 700 employees in the country, but also strengthen the upstream and downstream supply chain of the global Netcom industry.

Qingfu Industrial is a domestic manufacturer of curtains and home textiles, mainly selling in North America, Europe and Asia. Affected by the US-China trade war, it plans to build a new factory in Zhangbin Industrial Zone. In the future, the new plant will be introduced into an intelligent production line, mainly supplying a full range of safety curtains in the European and American markets, and providing customized services to meet the needs of more customers. . The investment in the purchase of land and machinery and equipment by the manufacturer was approximately NT$960 million. The application for the Taiwanese business plan for returning to Taiwan includes foreign professionals, labor projects and financing. After the approval of the approval meeting, the investment case will be able to significantly focus on the scale of Taiwanese products marketing in the European and American markets.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C