Invested in Taiwan Office to hold the 4th joint review meeting of “Welcome Taiwanese Businessmen’s Investment Action Plan” to approve the investment plan of the South Sixth Enterprise

The investment in Taiwan office approved the South Six Enterprise Investment Case at the 4th Joint Review Meeting of the Welcome Taiwanese Investment Return Action Plan on January 25, 2008. In response to the global layout and the high tariff impact of the US-China trade war, the South Six enterprises started to move the high value-added production line back to Taiwan, and set up an operation center and a smart production base in the Yanchao District of Kaohsiung City. The estimated total investment amount is about NT$. 3.5 billion yuan. The demand for Taiwanese business returning to Taiwan is a labor and loan project, which will create 72 people in the country.

The government actively assisted Taiwanese businessmen in returning. On January 1st, 108, the "Welcome Taiwanese Businessmen Investment Action Plan" was launched. The "Investment Taiwan Office" served as a single service window to provide customized services from the needs of enterprises. Integrate land, hydropower, manpower, taxation and capital policies and measures to enable enterprises to quickly return to Taiwan. Less than one month (working days), five manufacturers have passed the qualification examination (Zhibang Technology, Qingfu Industrial, Quanta Computer, Nanliu Enterprise and one unlisted company), with a total investment of NT$22.2 billion. Yuan will create more than 3,000 people in the country.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C