Invoice mistakenly made out for NT$4 million instead of NT$54 sought

Taipei,  A popular Hualien County mochi chain store is looking for a customer who was issued with a uniform invoice by one of its cashiers earlier this week, who mistakenly typed the figure for NT$54 (US$1.92) as NT$4 million and five dollars.

The cashier serving at a Tzen’s Mochi store at a freeway rest stop in Su’ao, Yilan County, sold three mochi — sweet sticky rice balls — with peanut filling for NT$54 at 3:57 p.m. on Sunday, but mistakenly issued the invoice for NT$4 million and five dollars, the company said on Tuesday.

Upon discovering the mistake, the cashier burst into tears and hoped in desperation that the invoice could be retrieved, said Chang Shu-hua (張淑華), an operational executive at Tzen’s Mochi, because the invoice for NT$4 million and five dollars means it would cost the company nearly NT$200,000 in business tax if the mistake went unreported.

Although it has sought assistance from the national freeway police, the company hopes the customer, who was described as a woman dressed in red based on CCTV footage, will return the mistaken invoice with the serial number GY19229840 so that the mistake can be rectified, Chang said.

On Tuesday, the company made a post on its Facebook page asking for help to find the woman. As of the press time, however, no one had shown up to return the invoice.

According to the national tax authorities, a company is allowed to issue two mistaken uniform invoices in a year without facing a fine, as long as it reports the mistake before being caught by tax inspectors.

However, a third mistake will be subject to a fine of up to NT$15,000, and in the Tzen’s Mochi case, the company faces the maximum fine because the invoice was issued at a rest stop run by the convenience store chain FamilyMart, which has already issued two mistaken invoices this year.


Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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