Judicial reform must meet public expectations: Tsai

President Tsai Ing-wen says that the government's plans for judicial reform must meet public expectations. She was speaking Monday at a preparatory meeting for a national conference on judicial reform.

The president said there are several goals that the committee must pursue. They include: the transparency of the court; rulings that are intelligible to the public; a mechanism for hiring and firing prosecutors and judges; a professional and impartial judicial system; and a trial system that allows public participation.

When it comes to these key points, I hope that related government agencies can not only propose a concrete reform plan but also a clear timetable. The [plan] must be drawn up using these principles and the results of group discussions as a basis. The staff should come up with a summary and coordinate related issues," said Tsai.

The president said judicial reform must be carried out step by step.

Source: Radio Taiwan International