Kaohsiung museum holds expo on 10year anniversary of Typhoon Morakot

Kaohsiung, An exhibition to commemorate the 10year anniversary of Typhoon Morakot, one of the deadliest natural disasters to afflict the country in recent years, opened Thursday at the National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung.

Vice Premier Chen Chimai who attended the opening, said Morakot taught everyone to have humility in the face of the formidable power of nature.

A city must have resilience in dealing with natural disasters, as global warming has resulted in more extreme weather across the globe, according to Chen.

Morakot struck Taiwan in August 2009, causing severe mudslides, taking 699 lives and wiping out an entire village in southern Taiwan.

The exhibition, titled Stories of Recovery and Reconstruction after Morakot showcases artifacts and documents on the stories behind the difficult reconstruction process in the affected areas of central and southern Taiwan.

According to the museum, the exhibition also features handson largescale interactive teaching aids to enable visitors to understand the principles of typhoons, compound disasters and the importance of disaster prevention science.

Chen praised the museum for holding the exhibition and expressed hope that it will help raise awareness about disaster prevention and preparedness.

Meanwhile, President Tsai Ingwen who attended another event in Pingtung to commemorate the 10year anniversary of Morakot, noted that the reconstruction of public facilities, including government buildings and schools damaged by the typhoon, have now all been completed.

May the disaster be a lesson for us all, Tsai said, while highlighting the importance of renewable energy as a solution for Taiwan.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel