Kaohsiung to import driverless buses in June

Taiwan's second largest city � Kaohsiung � is set to import two driverless buses in June. The plan is to begin allowing the general public to reserve test rides in the vehicles, beginning in October.

The city's mayor, Chen Chu, recently led a delegation to visit Easymile, the French company that makes the driverless electric buses. She also met with officials at the driverless transportation division of Paris's public transportation authority. She signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Monday that will pave the way for the import of the first two driverless buses to be used in her city.

Meanwhile, the Kaohsiung transportation authority said Tuesday that the construction and operating costs for a network of driverless electric vehicles would be lower than for a rail transit system. The authority also said the system could be easily adjusted to meet the needs of different areas, bringing a sea change in the area of public transport.

Mayor Chen said Kaohsiung is a decentralized city and the driverless buses could serve as a convenient way to link the city's disparate hubs. She said they could also connect the pre-existing metro and bus systems, offering riders more choice, and attracting more people to use public transport.

Source: Radio Taiwan International