Keelung Reaches the Final for the Intelligent Community Awards

The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) announced the Smart21 Cities for 2017. Five cities from Taiwan reached the final, Keelung is among one of the cities. Mayor Lin Yu-Chang is happy with the results and affirms the hard work from the city government over last two years. He also emphasized that the city government will continue its hard work to make Keelung the pilot city for Smart Education.

In the Smart City Survey conducted by Global Views Monthly, Keelung moved from 8th place to 6th place in terms ranking this year. The survey was conducted throughout Taiwan's 22 cities and counties. Also according to CommonWealth Magazine Keelung, Tainan and Taitung are considered as rapidly developing city.

In February last year the city government signed a letter of intent for cooperation with Chunghwa Telecom to push forward the 4G Communication Smart City plan. In July of this year Chunghwa Telecom was granted 145 million dollars by the Industrial Development Bureau to implement the Smart Transportation, Culturally Innovative Tourism, Smart Shopping and Dynamic Traffic Tracking plan with Keelung City.

The city governments also signed a memorandum of cooperation with Cisco to discus and plan the future development of Keelung.

There are many factors that contributed to Keelung becoming one of the Smart21 cities of 2107. These include the launch of e-Learning card and the creation of on-line classroom by the Department of Education, improvement in broadband connection, the creation of the 3D Maker center in Anle Senior High School with the assistance from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and the development of an app for municipal services by the Research and Evaluation Department that to be released at the end of October.

The director of the Research and Evaluation Department, Huang Jun-Yi added that this is the first time Keelung reaching the final for the ICF\''s annual Intelligent Community Awards, cities are judged based on its internet connectivity, knowledge based economy and other criteria. The aim of this award is to discover Smart Cities around the world with most potential for development. Over the last two years the relevant departments and bureaus has been working hard toward building a Smart City, the Research and Evaluation Department will coordinate with them to showcase the fruits of their labor.

Mayor Lin Yu-Chang emphasized that the policies implemented over the last two year is heading in the right direction as proven by Keelung reaching the finals for the ICF\''s annual Intelligent Community Awards, but still there are still many areas that needs be improved for Keelung become an advanced Smart City. The city government will actively seek more grants from the central government now that the plan for a Smart City is clear. The main task for next year is Smart Education, hopefully within three years Keelung will became an example for other cities to follow.

Source: Keelung City Government