Keelung’s Tourist Information Center Moves to First Place in the Annual ” i-center” Evaluation

The annual i-center - Tourist Information Center Service Quality evaluation organized by the Tourism Bureau has been completed. Keelung's Tourist Information Center came in first place in the evaluation (excluding special municipalities), improving on last year's result of second place. Deputy Mayor Lin Yong-Fa was excited by this news; he hopes to make Keelung a quality destination for tourists with considerate services.

The Tourism Bureau has held the i-center - Tourist Information Center Service Quality evaluation every year since 2010. The evaluation is conducted by professional organizations that are impartial and objective. In this year's evaluation, Mystery Visitors organized by Global Views Monthly was included as part of the judging panel.

Keelung's Tourist Information Center scored highly in Adequate Equipment Operation, Tourist Services, Foreign Languages and Communication and Internal Management surpassing other cities and counties by a wide margin to reach first place.

There are many services provided to tourists by the Information Center. These include free WIFI, Tourist Maps in different languages, QRcode to access information on the cloud and computer kiosks. Also available for loan are reading glasses, wheel chairs, prams and umbrellas.

There are 70 volunteers with English, Japanese and Southeast Asia language skills to assist tourists in the center. Every summer/winter break students studying Tourism would work in the center as part of their internship. They would make small information cards answering the most asked questions by tourists.

Volunteers with foreign language skills are stationed in the center when cruise ship docks in Keelung, they would also hold regular discussions to discuss any problems encountered and hold foreign languages class. It is theses proactive initiatives that won high praises from the judging panel.

Deputy Mayor Lin pointed out that even though the Information Center already provides numerous services there is always room for improvement. Plans to expand the Information Center are included in the planning of the Inter-City Transportation Hub.

Source: Keelung City Government