Khao Ngu Godfather Shrine. If you want to get your wish fulfilled, what do you need to pay for it?

Ratchaburi, Chao Por Khao Ngu Shrine Located in front of Khao Ngu Stone Park, Mueang District, Ratchaburi Province. It is not a large shrine. It is easy to notice that there is a large golden Buddha statue standing prominently in front.

The caretaker of Khao Ngu Chao Pho Shrine said that you can ask for anything you want here. Please set your mind to pray. If your wish is fulfilled, come and worship according to what you wish to offer. There used to be a story that If it's successful, it won't come. I will dream of seeing a snake follow me to my house. But the strange thing is that it is told that If you want to be fulfilled Top with marijuana But there is no clear history of marijuana use. Who started it? Since when? I only know that we've been investigating for a long time.

As for the history of the construction of the Khao Ngu Chao Pho Shrine, there is still no clear evidence. But there is information that there was a major restoration in 1970, so it is assumed that the Khao Ngu Chao Pho Shrine It should have been with the city of Ratchaburi for a long time and is revered by the villagers in Khao Ngu Municipality and people in the Ratchaburi area. It is well known for its sacredness, but in recent times people from other places passing by have stopped by to pay homage and ask for blessings. Many people's hopes come true. As seen from the items that come to worship, they are never lacking.

Source: Thai News Agency