Kidnapper of Taiwanese businessman given 14-year, 10-month jail term

Taipei--Taiwan's Supreme Court on Monday handed down a sentence of 14 years and 10 months to a man involved in connection with a high-profile kidnap case that took place in Thailand eight years ago. The court found that Su Yu-ting (???) kidnapped the Taiwanese businessman, surnamed Teng, in Thailand in late 2009.

The ruling against Su was final.

Another suspect in the case, Lin Kun-han (???), remains on trial at the Taichung District Court.

Other accomplices Chen Chih-wen (???) and Chang Chia-lun (???), as well as four Thai nationals, are currently serving terms of 22 years and six months in a Thai prison.

Teng, who was in the textile industry, went to Thailand in 2009 with the intention of investing there. his wife, mother and two children also accompanied him to Thailand.

But Su and Lin, working together with six accomplices posing as Thai police, kidnapped Teng and his wife.

During the 15 days of his kidnapping, Teng was tortured, including waterboarding, but he refused to pay the ransom of 30 million Thai baht (US$857,388).

Teng only caved in after learning that his mother and children had also been taken by the kidnappers.

As Lin learned that Teng and his wife held funds and stocks worth around US$630,000 at a bank in Singapore, he proposed that Su and Teng's wife should fly to Singapore to cash them.

Teng's wife was rescued by Singapore police, who were tipped off beforehand. Su found out about the raid and fled to Taiwan, where he was arrested.

Thai police then rescued Teng and other family members.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel