Kinmen tourism department holds promo events for 2020 travel program

Kinmen-A slew of promotional meetings were held in cities across Taiwan this month to promote Kinmen's 2020 travel program, which includes events that range from cultural festivals to large-scale outdoor events, the county's Tourism Department said.

The meetings, targeting local tour operators, were held in Taichung, Taoyuan, Taipei and Kaohsiung in the first two weeks of this month, according to a recent news release from the department.

The purpose was to help them market Kinmen travel to Taiwanese visitors, department director Ting Chien-kang (???) said.

According to the tourism department, dozens of local operators attended the promotional meetings.

Based on the 2020 program, the Kinmen Marathon will be held in February, followed by the Jinning Rock Oyster and Wheat Cultural Festival in April, the Wudao City God Parade in May, the Quemoy International Music Festival and Cross-Strait Swim in July, and the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Dice Game (Bo-Bing) Festival in September.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel