KPU planning 2024 elections’ ballot paper printing on November 15

Jakarta The General Elections Commission (KPU) is planning to start printing ballot papers for the 2024 General Elections on November 15, two days after the determination of pairs of presidential and vice presidential candidates."We can start printing the ballot papers on November 15," Chairperson of the KPU Hasyim Asy'ari confirmed in Jakarta on Saturday.

He noted that the printing of ballot papers would become a crucial step to ensure the availability of logistics required for holding the elections scheduled for February 14 next year.

He then said that the KPU would invite representatives of the commission at provincial, district, and municipal levels to Jakarta to discuss the design for ballot papers.

"On November 5-7, we will invite colleagues from the regional KPU to Jakarta after obtaining approval from leaders of political parties regarding the design for the ballot papers," Asy'ari revealed.

He explained that the meeting with regional KPU officials will be held to confirm the approval obtained from leaders of political parties at the regional level concerning the ballot paper design.

fter the conclusion of the campaign period for the 2024 General Elections on February 14, 2024, the KPU will process the preparations of logistics for the upcoming elections, he remarked.

"The campaign period will start on November 28 and end three days prior to the elections' D-Day on February 14. Hence, we will use the in-between days to process the preparations of logistics for the elections," he pointed out.

Earlier, on Friday (November 3), the KPU had determined the fixed list of candidates (DCT) for the House of Representatives (DPR) that comprises 9,917 candidates nominated by 18 political parties in 84 electoral regions.

"After conducting a verification process, we stipulated that 9,917 people are eligible to be included in the DCT for DPR in the 2024 General Elections," he remarked during a press conference at the commission's office, Jakarta.

Meanwhile, a total of 668 candidates in 38 electoral regions have been included in the DCT for the Regional Representative Council (DPD), comprising 535 men and 133 women.

Source: Antara News Agency