Labor council objects to Manila’s contract demands

The Council of Labor Affairs has urged the government of the Philippines to comply with regulations stated in agreements signed by overseas workers coming to Taiwan.

Currently, any overseas worker coming to Taiwan is required to sign a labor contract and a wage claims endorsement. Labor council official Su Yu-kuo said expenses for food and lodging are to be agreed upon between the local employer and the foreign employee. However, Su said, only the Philippine government is asking for the local employer to cover the costs of food and lodging.

The labor contracts and wage claims endorsements of workers from Indonesia and Thailand are the same," said Su. "When a worker comes to our country, the employer directly deducts food and lodging expenses [from their wages] and there aren't any disputes. But the Philippine government wants their workers to have better treatment. So the Philippines is asking for certain requests unilaterally. In the next meeting on Philippine migrant workers, we will have a serious talk with them on the matter.

Su said Manila's demands could affect the willingness of Taiwanese employers to hire workers from the Philippines.

Source: Radio Taiwan International