Labor law revisions draw mixed reaction from local governments

It's been nearly six months since Taiwan's government enacted controversial revisions to the nation's labor laws. As the six-month grace period for promoting the changes draws to a close, the reaction from city and county governments is mixed.

The changes made in January mandate that all employees get one fixed day off a week plus one flexible day. The flexible day is negotiable and the employee would receive over-time pay.

The law has faced strong criticism from employees and employers alike. Taichung City and several other local governments say that they are not ready to conduct a review of the new regulations, and are asking for three more months to allow local businesses to adapt.

Labor Minister Lin Mei-chu said on Wednesday that the ministry is not yet set on a concrete plan of action for reviewing and promoting the new labor law. She said the ministry will announce their plans once they meet with the labor chiefs from all of Taiwan's cities and counties on June 29.

Lin said that if the ministry makes any changes to their policy for reviewing the law, they will still keep the goal of reducing employees' time on the job.

Source: Radio Taiwan International