Labor minister outlines proposals to help working poor

Labor Minister Kuo Fang-yu outlined ideas for helping the country's working poor at a legislative committee meeting Thursday.

Kuo said his ministry wants a law to protect the rights of workers in non-traditional employment, including temporary work for labor dispatch agencies. He also said he wants an amendment to the Labor Standards Act that would codify the rights of people who earn an hourly wage.

Kuo said an adjustment to the minimum wage should also be considered. He said this would help marginal workers and those already earning above the minimum wage. However, Kuo said that the labor ministry's main policy will be boosting job skills training to help workers become more competitive and earn more.

Government statistics say more than three million workers in Taiwan earn less than NT$30,000 (US$940) per month. Figures also show that the number of workers in non-traditional work reached a record high in May.

Source: Radio Taiwan International