Labor unions take to the streets on Labor Day

Nearly 10,000 people from labor unions and civic groups took to the streets in Taipei on Monday, which is labor day. They were calling for labor protections and speaking out against exploitation.

Protestors said President Tsai Ing-wen's performance is disappointing because she has not only failed to keep her campaign promises but has also made things more difficult for laborers. They accused the government of bowing to pressure from employers, slashing seven national holidays, passing a revised labor law, and even cutting laborers' pensions.

An organizer of the rally, Chuang Juei-an explained their demands, Today we have two demands. Combatting exploitation is to improve Taiwanese laborers' working conditions and to ensure laborers' basic needs," he said. "Another demand is to seek a reasonable pension reform that is able to guarantee pensioners' income so that the elderly won't sink into poverty. We are looking for comprehensive improvements when it comes to the issues of labor, employment and [retirement]."

Protestors also demanded a higher minimum wage and shorter working hours, among other things.

Source: Radio Taiwan International