Language testing center eyes Southeast Asian languages

Taiwan's largest foreign language testing center says it is working toward offering language proficiency tests for people who are learning Southeast Asian languages. That's in light of the government's New Southbound Policy, which aims to boost exchanges with ASEAN nations, as well as India, Australia and New Zealand.

The Language Training and Testing Center (LTTC) says its hoping to introduce proficiency tests for those languages, which would be similar to the tests it holds for Japanese and Korean.

LTTC's head of research and development, Jessica Wu, says the center began offering Vietnamese language classes earlier this year but has not yet been accredited to administer proficiency tests in that language.

Although Vietnam and other Southeast Asian nations have their own language proficiency tests, Wu said they are not available in other countries. She said LTTC is working to obtain the accreditation to administer the tests, and could become first in the world (outside the country of origin) to offer tests for learners of those languages.

Source: Radio Taiwan International