Largest national flag flyby, military parade mark ROC’s 110th birthday

The main celebrations for the 110th anniversary of the Republic of China's founding featured the largest-ever ROC national flag flyby as two 18-meter wide and 12-meter long flags, each carried by a CH-47 Chinook helicopter, were flown over the Presidential Office Building on Sunday.

The national flags used in past national day flybys measured 12 meters by 8 meters, according to the military.

In addition to the two CH-47s, another 46 military aircraft also flew past the Presidential Office on Sunday morning to celebrate the nation's birthday.

The 12 types of aircraft that took part in the aerial show included AH-64E, AH-1W, and UH-60M choppers, F-16Vs, Mirage-2000s, and IDFs, among others, according to the military.

On the ground, a military parade displaying the nation's major missile systems, including domestically made Hsiung Feng III, Hsiung Feng II anti-ship missiles, and Tien Kung III surface-to-air missiles, was staged in front of the Presidential Office, showcasing the military's capability to defend Taiwan.

The most noteworthy weapon system on display was land-based versions of the Tien Chien II Surface-to-Air missile, which were packaged in sealed container-launchers and mounted on military trucks during the parade.

The grand finale of the parade concluded with five jet trainers of the Air Force's Thunder Tiger Aerobatics Team releasing plumes of colored smoke in blue, red and white, the colors of the ROC national flag.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel