Launch of FormoSat-7 set for mid-2018: minister

Taipei-Taiwan’s National Space Organization (NSPO) is now focusing its attention on the launch of FormoSat-7, scheduled for sometime next year, after the successful launch of its FormoSat-5 early Friday morning, according to Science and Technology minister Chen Liang-gee.

Speaking to the press after FormoSat-5’s launch, Chen said the experience with the mini-satellite would serve as a foundation for the development of FormoSat-7.

FormoSat-7, which is a follow-on mission to FormoSat-3, is tentatively scheduled to be launched by SpaceX in the second quarter of next year, he said.

The new space program, a collaboration between NSPO and the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration in the U.S., will collect data for weather forecasts and ionospheric, gravity, and climate research, former NSPO Director-General Chang Guey-shin told CNA.

FormoSat-7 is made up of 12 remote sensing micro-satellites that are primarily dedicated to advancing the capabilities of regional and global weather predictions, according to information provided about the program on its official website.

Chang said FormoSat-7 testing will begin later this year in November, and he pegged May or June 2018 as the tentative time for its launch from Florida.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council