Lawmakers plan ad hoc meetings for summer

Lawmakers are planning a series of ad hoc meetings over the summer to conclude business after the current legislative session ends.

The Legislature held its last meeting of the session on Friday. The summer recess is officially set to begin on Wednesday. However, lawmakers have already scheduled meetings on several days in June. More extraordinary sessions are expected to follow in July and August.

The June meetings could see bills dealing with transitional justice and pension reform come up for a vote. Meetings in July and August will deal with the budget for the government's infrastructure program. Premier Lin Chuan is expected to deliver a report on the plan.

It is not expected that legalizing same-sex marriage will appear on the agenda, however. Taiwan's Constitutional Court ruled last week that the law must be changed within two years to give same-sex couples the right to marry. However, the court did not specify how the law should be changed.

A draft amendment to the Civil Code that would legalize same-sex marriage passed in committee in December. Democratic Progressive Party lawmaker Yu Mei-nu will hold a consultation on the amendment on Wednesday. However, lawmakers are waiting for the Cabinet to submit its version of the bill, and the bill will not come up for discussion during this summer's ad hoc meetings.

Source: Radio Taiwan International