Legislature confirms 5 new Central Election Commission members

Taipei-The Legislature on Tuesday approved the addition of five people to the Central Election Commission (CEC), who were nominated by the Cabinet to serve four-year terms.

The five nominees were approved to fill four seats on the commission that will become vacant on Nov. 3, when the incumbents’ terms are due to expire, and a fifth one that is already vacant.

CEC members are usually nominated by the Cabinet, pending legislative confirmation, to serve four-year terms and have the right to exercise their powers independent of any political influence.

Tuesday’s vote in the Legislature, however, was boycotted by some 45 lawmakers from the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) and People First Party (PFP), who said the nominees were all either sympathetic to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) or had records of participation in DPP activities.

Only 68 of the 113 lawmakers in the Legislature showed up to vote on the appointment of the five nominees.

DPP Legislator Lee Chun-yi (???) told CNA that the accusations by the opposition lawmakers were groundless.

Furthermore, if the opposition lawmakers were not in favor of the five CEC nominees, they should have voted against their confirmation, Lee said.

The five newly confirmed members of the CEC are Soochow University professor of political science Huang Hsiu-tuan (???), Deputy Interior Minister Chiu Chang-yueh (???), National University of Kaohsiung professor of economics and financial law Evelyn Chen (???), National Chengchi University associate professor of political science Lin Chao-chi (???), and National Cheng Kung University associate professor of political science Meng Chih-cheng (???).

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel