Licenses for drone operators in Taiwan to take effect March 2020

Taipei Drone operators in Taiwan will need to pass an examination to obtain an operator license beginning March 31 next year, as part of an amendment to the Civil Aviation Act passed by the Legislative Yuan last year, the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) said Tuesday.

Under the new regulations, registration of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) weighing 250 grams and over will become mandatory, so that the authorities can identify owners in the event of accidents.

In addition, the act requires that drones can only be flown in daylight hours and must stay below 121 meters above ground level.

According to the CAA, the altitude limit was considered because anything above the 121-meter mark could pose a danger to aviation safety.

Also, dropping or spraying of any item from the drone is prohibited, it said, adding that no drone activity is allowed above crowds or outdoor assemblies and parades.

Individual operators, meanwhile, shall not control two or more drones at the same time, and the devices must not exceed a 900 meter radius from the operator.

Other rules stipulate that drones should stay a safe distance from highways, freeways, railways, MRTs, buildings and other obstacles.

However, according to the Civil Aviation Act, farmers using drones for agricultural use and organizations such as media outlets can apply to the CAA for approval for exemption from the restrictions.

According to the regulations governing remote-controlled drones, those found to be operating the devices without a license could be fined NT$60,000 to NT$300,000.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel