Lost camera returned to Japanese owner at Yilan school

Taipei, April 27 (CNA) The Japanese owner of a camera lost at sea more than two years ago visited the school of the boy who found it on a beach in Yilan County on Friday.

Serina Tsubakihara, a university student in Tokyo, accompanied by her mother, arrived at Yueming Elementary School in northeastern Taiwan to a warm welcome from students and teachers.

Tsubakihara, with tears in her eyes, repeatedly said “thank you” and bowed at a 90 degrees angle.

Led by homeroom teacher Park Lee (???), Ho Chao-en (???), a fifth grader who found the camera while engaged in a beach cleanup on March 27 in Yilan’s Su’ao Township, gave a glove puppet performance with his classmates recounting the story of how the camera was discovered.

It was Lee who helped locate its owner in Tokyo after posting a message on his Facebook page with a few selected photos from the camera, which drew attention from netizens across the internet.

After the performance, Ho returned the camera, which Tsubakihara lost in waters off Japan’s Ishigaki Island during the summer of 2015, with the Japanese visitor expressing her thanks, saying it was wonderful she had the chance to reclaim some of those precious memories.

Tsubakihara was then taken to the beach where the camera was found and took part in a beach cleaning activity, before having lunch with the students. A dinner event with dishes prepared by local families is scheduled for the evening.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel