MAC: Closely monitoring Liu Xiaobo’s condition

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said Thursday that it is continuing to monitor the condition of the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. The MAC is the main government agency charting China policy.

The Nobel peace prize winner has been on medical parole after being diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer. He is believed to be close to death. The MAC said it has joined the voices calling for Liu Xiaobo to be allowed to seek treatment overseas. MAC spokesperson Chiu Chui-cheng also said Taiwan's government would be prepared to offer any assistance in the matter.

"The government continues to express its concern for Mr. Liu Xiaobo's health. We believe the most pressing matter right now is ensure Mr. Liu Xiaobo's right to medical care," said Chiu.

The Chinese government has come under strong international pressure in the past week after it emerged that Liu is keen to seek treatment overseas. Chiu said the Chinese authorities should rethink their treatment of people who use peaceful means to advocate for political reforms. Liu was serving an 11-year prison sentence for his part in drafting a petition calling for an end to one-party rule in China.

Source: Radio Taiwan International