MAC condemns China over WHA exclusion

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) says that Taiwan's exclusion from this year's World Health Assembly could widen the cross-strait gap. The MAC is the top governmental body charting Taiwan's China policy.

The WHA, the convening body of the World Health Organization (WHO), will open in Geneva on May 22. Taiwan has attended the WHA as an observer for the past eight years. However, China's boycott of the Tsai Ing-wen administration means Taiwan did not receive an invitation to this year's assembly. The online registration deadline has now passed.

On Tuesday, MAC spokesperson Chiu Chui-cheng condemned Beijing's pressure to exclude Taiwan from this year's WHA. Chiu called the move a betrayal of the WHO's founding principles. He said it suppresses Taiwan's government and ignores the basic rights of Taiwan's people.

The MAC said Taiwan will not bow to pressure brought by attempts to block the country's participation in international organizations.

Source: Radio Taiwan International