Man arrested for choking girlfriend to death, killing twin babies

Taipei-A man who was arrested by police in Changhua County on Friday is under investigation for his involvement in a murder case in which his supposed girlfriend and two small boys were found killed.

The man surnamed Chen (?) was arrested at an internet cafe in Changhua County's Xihu Township on charges of murdering a 29-year-old woman with whom he lived and two 10-month-old twin boys, police said.

Police found the swollen bodies of the woman and the boys in a rented apartment in Taichung on Thursday, after receiving complaint from a nearby tenant of a bad smell coming from next door.

The body of the woman with one of the two boys in her arms was discovered on a bed wrapped in a duvet while the body of the other baby was covered by a blanket.

Livor mortis -- the final stage of death usually indicated by bluish discoloring of parts of the skin -- had set in by the time the police found the victims, indicating they had been dead for a considerable amount of time, police said.

According to police, Chen admitted to choking the woman to death after he got angry during a fierce argument and then suffocated the twins.

An initial police investigation found that the woman had been married and living in Nantou County until getting divorced in August 2018. The couple had an 8-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son.

She then moved to Taichung to work and apparently had the twins four months after the divorce, according to a social worker, and police are now waiting for the results of a DNA test to confirm the relationship between the suspect, the deceased woman, and the babies.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel