Mayor Lin and Minister Lee Join Together for Cleanup day, Keeping Dawulun Beach Clean

Today Mayor Lin Yu-Chang, Minister of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lee Ying-Yuan and Speaker of the Keelung Council Sung Wei-Li participated in the Beach Cleanup Day at Dawulun beach along with volunteers from various groups. Mayor Lin is thankful to everybody for sacrificing their weekend to help restore and maintain Dawulun beach’s natural beauty after the typhoon season.

The Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) has been holding cleanup days in the recent years during spring and fall to bring the public closer to the coastlines and to raise the public’s awareness of costal pollution. 11 groups with approximately 400 volunteers joined the effort to cleanup Dawulun beach.

Mayor Lin said, Keelung City Government has made great progresses in keeping the city clean changing local residents and visitors view on Keelung, but to solve costal pollution and marine debris problem that would require support from Central Government.

The Minister indicated that he is moved by the volunteers’ effort in protecting Taiwan’s natural beauty under of the blazing sun. To help protect the environment EPA has been phasing out microbeads in cosmetic and free distribution of plastic bags to prevent whales and other marine animals from ingesting it.

The EPB indicated that to maintain the sustainability and beauty of costal marine environment requires the support of volunteer groups. Volunteers from groups such as National Taiwan University, CSBC Corporation, Keelung Red Cross search and rescue, Hsieh-ho Power Plant and many others have joined the Adopt a Coast movement to help preserve the environment for future generations. Hopefully this movement will spur the general public into action.

Source: Keelung City Government