Mayor Lin Attended Tree Planting Event Held by Maling Elementary School and Led the Students to Sow 1001 Native Plants

Mayor Lin You-Chang participated in the Tree Planning Event in Maling Elementary School today. He led hundreds of teachers and students to plant 1001 native trees and unveiled the Maling Botanical Garden with the hope to make Maling a biologically diverse campus.

Before the event, Mayor Lin congratulated Maling Elementary School on being the first public school run by the private sector. With the consensus of the principal, teachers and parents and finally the support of the city government, Maling Elementary School became the first school to teach conservation in Keelung. The mayor attributed the success of this school to the efforts of all the teachers and parents.

Mayor Lin appreciated the participation of every group. He believes that ecological conservation is one of the objectives of the school. In modern society, people have the concept of ecological conservation, but implementation is more important. The results of this event are effective advocation of ecological conservation and make Maling Elementary School the best place for preserving native plants.

Groups that participated in today's event include Taiwan Native Plant Society, Maling Elementary School, Charity of Cathay Life Insurance, Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation, Owl Parenting Association, Bliss and Wisdom Foundation of Culture and Education. Hundreds of teenagers and children sowed 1001 native plants together in the hope of making Maling Elementary School a biologically diverse campus.

The organizer hopes to encourage teachers, students and communities to take part in conserving the nature by this Tree Planting Event. Moreover, they can conduct ecological classes to observe every stage of plants' life including germination, growing, blooming, fruiting and its interactions with butterflies and insects in this ecologically diverse campus. By living close to the nature, we can establish a healthy, sustainable and happy environment.

Source: Keelung City Government