Mayor Lin: Budget for 2017 is still balanced, Focusing on Elevating Industries Next Year

The budget for 2017 was proposed in this week's Keelung City Affairs Meeting. Next year's main focus is to elevate Keelung's industries. A Keelung City Industries Expo will be held to promote local industries.

Despite the lower tax revenue of 17.3 billion, 190 million less than last year's collection, the budget is still balanced. Centrally-Allotted Tax Revenues was increased by 164 million. To balance the budget 329 million was cut back from program grants.

Even though the budget is pending review and not final, Mayor Lin Yu-Chang is disclosing some of the major budget item to the public. Cultural Affairs Bureau is allocating 10 more million for book purchases and 25 million as part of the Ministry of Culture's History Restoration Plan.

After two year of improving Keelung's infrastructures, the key focus for next year is for Keelung City to elevate its industries. The Keelung City Industries Expo is to be held in October next year. The aim of this expo is to let the central government, general public, investors and others understand future prospects and direction of Keelung's industries.

The Mayor also mentioned plans to transform Ren'ai market into a Fine Foods Market and extend business hours to provide visitors to Miaokou with more options bring more money into the local economy. There are also plans for Dawulun Sports Park and an extreme sports park to be built near Xinshan Reservoir

Source: Keelung City Government