Mayor Lin Received the Delegation from Kure, Hiroshima, Japan with the Hope of More Frequent Interactions between the Two Cities

Representing all citizens in Keelung, the mayor Lin Youchang welcomed the delegation of 11 officials led by the deputy mayor Osamu Kisaka coming from Kure, Hiroshima, Japan this evening. They look forward to establishing friendship, even becoming sister cities and having more frequent interactions between the two cities.

The mayor Lin said that Kure city mayor Kazutoshi Komura had led a mission to attend the celebration event of 130th anniversary of Keelung port and it was the first time that the two cities came into contacts. It is our city’s pleasure to have the deputy mayor Osamu Kisaka and his delegation come to visit this time.

The mayor Lin said that Keelung and Kure both are cities beside the sea and share similar natural environments. Through continual communications, the two cities can understand each other and learn the advantages of each other. They hope to have further interactions in the aspects of culture, education, sports, industry and tourism.

Source: Keelung City Government