Men more tolerant than women of workplace sexual harassment: poll

Taipei, Men tend to be more tolerant than women of sexual harassment in the workplace, which has been encountered by more than 50 percent of office workers in Taiwan, according to a poll released Thursday by 1111 online job bank.

The survey on gender equality in the workplace found that 46 percent of office employees who experienced sexual harassment on the job had opted not to report it and that the level of tolerance among men for such behavior was higher at 58.3 percent than among women (44.4 percent).

However, 68 percent of women in office jobs in Taiwan have been subjected to sexual harassment at work, compared with 20 percent of men, according to the poll.

Sexual harassment on the job mainly takes the form of unwanted deliberate touching (67.6 percent), verbal harassment (61.5 percent), and insulting and discriminatory comments (35.5 percent), the poll found.

Sexual harassment most frequently occurs in offices (60.6 percent), public places (24.7 percent) and confined spaces (16.0 percent), according to the poll.

It also found that 65.7 percent of sexual harassment incidents occur during work hours, 12.4 percent during off-duty periods, and 6.8 percent on business trips.

According to the poll, 33 percent of the cases involved sexual harassment by co-workers, 22.7 percent by bosses, and 14.5 percent by immediate supervisors.

The poll, which was conducted March 28-April 11, collected 1,070 valid samples from members of the online job bank aged 18 and over. It had a confidence level of 95 percent and a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel