Mercury expected to hit 35 degrees; foehn wind likely in Taitung

Taipei, Due to the influence of a Pacific high pressure system, sunny skies are expected around Taiwan Thursday, with daytime temperatures likely to hit 35 degrees Celsius, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Temperatures in southeastern Taiwan could move even higher in the afternoon as waves of foehn wind -- warm, gusty wind that blows down the slopes of mountain ranges -- affect the southeastern county of Taitung, the CWB said.

The CWB said highs are forecast to range between 33 and 34 degrees in western Taiwan, with the mercury likely to hit 35 degrees in the greater Taipei area due to a lack of wind to disperse the heat.

In the east, daytime temperatures could range between 32 and 33 degrees, according to the CWB.

The CWB warned that many parts of western Taiwan could also be exposed to dangerously high levels of ultraviolet radiation around midday Thursday, and it urged people planning to spend time outdoors to take the necessary precautions.

Despite the stable weather conditions, the CWB said, thundershowers are likely to hit mountainous areas of western Taiwan, in particular in the afternoon, while sporadic showers are forecast for the eastern part of the country.

The warm weather pattern is expected to continue into Saturday before precipitation sets in on Sunday, which could bring down the mercury by around one degree around the island, the CWB said.

The CWB said the strength of the Pacific high pressure system is expected to fade from May 21.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel