Mercury in northern, eastern Taiwan to fall to 14 degrees: CWB

Taipei--A cold air mass could send temperatures down to as low as 14 degrees Celsius in areas of northern Taiwan on Monday night and early Tuesday morning, while southern Taiwan and Hualien and Taitung in the east can expect lows of 16-17 degrees, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

The weather around Taiwan turned colder on Monday, with temperatures in the north and northeast dropping to 18-19 degrees Celsius, down by about 8 degrees from Sunday, according to the bureau.

Meanwhile, daily highs in central and southern Taiwan and Hualien, Taitung in the east are forecast to fall by 2-4 degrees on Monday.

There is also a chance of rain in the north, east and mountainous areas of central and southern Taiwan on Monday, the bureau said.

In addition, fog in the western part of the island and the offshore islands of Kinmen and Matsu could cause low visibility, the CWB said, urging people traveling to and from those areas to check local weather forecasts.

It also forecast rough weather in coastal areas of eastern Taiwan, including Green Island, Orchid Island and areas of Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu, suggesting that people avoid coastal areas in those places.

Moreover, people in Kinmen and Matsu as well as in central and southern Taiwan were warned of worsening air pollution on Monday, with the air quality index (AQI) likely to be designated orange, which indicates increased risk for people with allergies, seniors and children, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel