Mercury to hit 25 degrees as cold front weakens: CWB

As a cold air mass weakens, daytime high temperatures around Taiwan are expected to rise to 25 degrees Celsius or higher on Sunday, with a high of nearly 30 degrees expected in the central and southern parts of the island, the Central Weather Bureau said.

Highs on that day might reach 26 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan, 28-29 degrees in central and southern Taiwan and 25-27 degrees in eastern Taiwan, the bureau said.

With little moisture around the island, most areas of Taiwan could see cloudy to sunny skies throughout Sunday, with showers forecast for eastern Taiwan and mountainous areas of the north, according to the bureau.

However, it forecasts rough waves in coastal areas of Keelung, northern Taiwan and in areas off eastern Taiwan, and advises people to avoid seaside activities.

The mercury was low in the early morning hours of Sunday, with lows of 13.3 degrees, 13.5 degrees, 13.8 degrees and 13.9 degrees recorded in Chiayi, Hsinchu, Taichung and Banqiao, respectively, according to Wu Der-rong (???), a meteorologist and adjunct associate professor of atmospheric sciences at National Central University.

The weather will remain cool in the early morning hours of the next few days and daytime and nighttime temperatures between Sunday and Tuesday could differ by more than 10 degrees, Wu said, advising people to be mindful of sharp fluctuations in temperature.

Wu forecast the weather will be warmer between Monday and Tuesday, with maximum temperatures expected to hover in excess of 27 degrees in northern Taiwan and 28-30 degrees in central and southern Taiwan.

However, a cold front might begin to develop Wednesday near Taiwan and could affect the northern and eastern parts of the island from Thursday, sending the mercury down on Friday and Saturday with increased chances of rain, according to Wu.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel