Mercury to hit 28 degrees Celsius on New Year’s Day: CWB

With a weakening cold front, people in Taiwan can expect warm and balmy weather as they ring in 2017, with a high of 28 degrees Celsius forecast for central and southern Taiwan on New Year's Day, the Central Weather Bureau said Thursday.

As the cold air mass began weakening on Thursday, temperatures could shoot up for much of Taiwan from Friday through New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, the bureau said.

On New Year's Day, western Taiwan will see clear skies, while intermittent rain is forecast for the eastern part of the island, according to the bureau.

The warm weather is expected to continue through Jan. 4 for most areas of Taiwan, except for some mountainous areas of eastern and northern Taiwan, where there will be some chance of sporadic rain, the bureau forecast.

From Jan. 1 to Jan. 4, highs of 25-26 degrees are forecast for northern Taiwan, 26-28 degrees for central and southern Taiwan, and 24-26 degrees for the east.

Due to the gradually weakening cold front, temperatures will slowly climb on Thursday, with highs of 17-19 degrees expected for northern and northeastern Taiwan and 20-21 degrees for central and southern Taiwan, as well as Hualien and Taitung in the east, while there is a chance of showery weather for all parts of the island.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel