Migrant workers join in Taipei Metro’s Street Dance Competition

Growing numbers of migrant workers are showing interest in the Taipei Metro's Street Dance Competition. This year, organizers have even promoted the competition by arranging flash mob performances at Taipei Main Station -- a popular hangout for migrant workers. The hope is that performances by the award winning band Chang and Lee and the street dancers My Style Crew, will encourage more teams to sign up.

An organizer said Monday that last year six teams comprised entirely of migrant workers, signed up to participate. Many of those teams, like My Style Crew, hailed from the Philippines. Organizers say that the workers practice in their spare time, one to two times per week, and that their employers show their support, even coming to watch them compete.

So far this year, three groups of migrant workers have signed up. Organizers say they are hoping to see even more groups register by the July 9th deadline. They say that the migrant workers bring dance styles that are very different from those of young Taiwanese dancers. The hope is that their participation will offer new opportunities for the dancers to learn from each other.

Source: Radio Taiwan International