Minister says summer power supply should be adequate

Economics Minister Lee Chih-kung says Taiwan will have adequate power supply for the summer. He was speaking at the legislature on Monday.

When asked by an opposition lawmaker if the operating reserve will dip a after it dropped to about 2% at one point in April, Lee said that won't happen.

Last month, temperatures jumped into the 30s for four days in a row. Electricity supply was a bit tight because several major power plants were carrying out maintenance checks," Lee said. "Now aside from nuclear power plants, other power plants under Taipower are about to start operations. Under our current plan, power shortages won't happen, although we will have to work hard.

But while Lee gave his assurances about a steady power supply in the coming months, he admitted that insuring the supply of electricity this year will be harder than at any time in the next ten years. That's because both renewable energy and new power plants are not catching up fast enough to meet the demand.

The DPP government has set a goal of building a nuclear-free country by 2025. However, there have been concerns over power shortages as nuclear power plants will be decommissioned and replacing old generators takes time.

Source: Radio Taiwan International