Ministry moves to relax foreign white-collar worker regulations

Taipei--The Ministry of Labor is working towards relaxing regulations governing the ability of the spouses of foreign white-collar workers in Taiwan to work, the ministry said on Thursday.

The ministry has given advance notice of a draft amendment to Article 46 of the Employment Services Act that stipulates the qualifications and criteria required for foreigners to work in Taiwan.

After considering that the spouses of foreign professionals working in Taiwan might require short term jobs while in the country, the ministry has decided to relax the regulations on their right to work.

The draft stipulates that when the spouses of foreign white-collar workers take on short-term jobs, they can be paid an hourly wage rate but should receive a minimum monthly salary of NT$47,971 (US$1,583) as required by law for foreign white-collar workers.

The amended regulations also remove the capital and turnover requirements for employers. Current regulations require employers to have a minimum NT$5 million of capital and NT$10 million in annual turnover to employ foreign white-collar workers, according to the ministry.

However, the spouses of foreign white-collar workers will only be allowed to work as long as their husbands/wives are employed in Taiwan, the ministry added.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel