Ministry of Economic Affairs announces four geological sensitive areas

In order to expose geological information such as disaster prevention and conservation in the country, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced on December 25, 2007, four geological sensitive areas, namely two active fault geological sensitive areas such as "Shitan Fault" and "Scorpion Foot Fault" and "Kaohsiung". Two geological relics and geological sensitive areas such as Jiguanshan Limestone and Pingshan County Checheng Jianshan Outer Rock Block. As of December 25, 2007, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has announced 60 geological sensitive areas with a total area of 5,298 square feet. Kilometers, accounting for about one-seventh of the country's area.

According to Article 5 of the Geological Law, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announces areas with special geological landscapes, geological environments or geological disasters as geologically sensitive areas, including two active faults such as Shitan Fault and Scorpion Foot Fault. The geologically sensitive areas belong to the area where geological disasters occurred. The two faults were also the earthquake faults of the Hsinchu-Taichung earthquake on April 21, 24, when the scale of the earthquake was 7.1, and the number of deaths reached 3,276. The most serious earthquake disaster. The two geological relics and geological sensitive areas, such as "Jiaguan Mountain Limestone in Kaohsiung City" and "External Rock Blocks in Jiancheng County, Pingtung County", are areas with special geological landscapes, all of which are famous local attractions and have scientific educational significance. .

"Shitan Fault Fault Fault Geological Sensitive Area" is distributed in Shitan Township and Sanwan Township of Miaoli County. It is a strip-shaped area with a length of about 11 kilometers and a width of about 300 meters. It is a band of active faults of the scorpion foot fault. The geologically sensitive area is distributed in Houli District, Shengang District and Qingshui District of Taichung City. It is a strip-shaped area with a length of about 12 kilometers and a width of about 300 meters. Since the two faults had a clear record of surface rupture, there is still the possibility of re-activity in the future. The colleagues of the Central Geological Survey of the Ministry of Economic Affairs will review the records, re-examine the geology survey, supplement the geological survey data and interview the local elders. The two areas are designated as geological sensitive areas.

Geological relics Geologically sensitive areas do not refer to areas with geological disasters, but to areas with special geological significance, teaching or scientific research value, ornamental value or uniqueness and rarity. The geological sensitive area of the limestone geological relics of Jiguanshan in Kaohsiung City is located in Jinshanli, Yanchao District, Kaohsiung City. The local area is squeezed by tectonic movements. The limestone bodies that stand in the tower are affected by differential erosion and weathering. The far view is like a cockscomb, hence the name. The Yanchao District Office has set up trails in the local area, and the public can observe its characteristics at close range. The geology sensitive area of the excavation rock mass of the Jianshan Rock in Pingtung County is located in the east of Pingtung County (Haikou Village) and the Lion Township. It is located on the east side of the Pinggao Highway (Taiwan Highway 26) 12 km away. When the road enters Hengchun Peninsula from north to south, it is the first most awake target on the roadside. Because the Jianshan rock block is a basalt block with stronger erosion resistance than the surrounding mudstone, it is affected by the difference erosion. A lonely peak on the terrain is also an important indicator of Taiwan's plate collision movement.

In each geological sensitive area, in addition to the location of the announcement by the scope of the announcement, the local adjustment plan has a plan for the preparation of the sensitive areas of the localities. The plan contains the topography and strata in the geological sensitive area. Information such as geological structures, local photos, etc. If you are interested, you can download the relevant books from the Geological Law Zone of the website ( to find out For the purpose of delineation of the geological sensitive area, or when the holiday is outdoor, you can refer to the maps in the geological sensitive areas of the geological relics to make a geological trip.

Geological sensitive areas are designated to provide important references for land development, disaster prevention and conservation, and there are no restrictions or prohibitions on development in geological laws. Through the announcement of the national geological sensitive area, the community can know the geological environment of the land in advance, conduct geological surveys and geological safety assessments of geological sensitive areas before land development, plan and develop local conditions, and develop appropriate response measures in advance. It can improve the rationality and safety of land use and reduce the possibility of future disasters and losses.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C