Missing democracy advocate confirmed detained by China

The Presidential Office said Tuesday that it is working to secure the release of Lee Ming-che, a Taiwanese democracy advocate detained by Chinese authorities. That's after Lee's wife, Lee Ching-yu, revealed earlier in the day that she had been informed about her husband's detention.

Mr Lee is a staff member at Wenshan Community College in Taipei and a former staffer for the Democratic Progressive Party. He went missing on March 19 after crossing the mainland Chinese border from Macao. Mr Lee is understood to have shared information about Taiwan's democratic development and about human rights issues with friends in China. Mrs Lee believes this is the reason he has been detained. She called on the Chinese authorities to declare why they are holding her husband.

Mrs Lee also called on the Chinese side to uphold its agreement with Taiwan on law enforcement. This includes prompt communication between the two sides when a Taiwanese national is detained in China and vice versa.

The Presidential Office said the Mainland Affairs Council, the Straits Exchange Foundation and other government departments are all working to secure Mr Lee's release.

Source: Radio Taiwan International