MND to assess changing lyrics of ROC Military Academy song

The Ministry of National Defense said Tuesday that it will cautiously assess a suggestion that the lyrics of the school song of the Republic of China Military Academy be changed.

Legislator Liu Shih-fang (???) of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party recently urged the ministry to change the words “party flag flying” in the song to “national flag flying” to avoid blurring the line between party and nation.

Her appeal triggered debate, with some retired generals lashing out at the suggestion including one who compared it to a move to change the clan name of an ancestral shrine.

The latest MND comments, however, appear to leave the door open to changes.

MND spokesman Chen Chung-chi (???) said the ministry “will assess the matter in a cautious and comprehensive way.”

“We respect all options and will consider views from all sides,” he said.

On opposition from many retired generals, Chen said Taiwan is a democratic and pluralistic society and that all issues are open to discussion.

The ministry will spend time on the issue to have a more mature discussion and make a more thorough assessment, he said.

The ROC Military Academy was established in Canton (Guangzhou) by the Kuomintang in 1924.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel