MOFA: Thailand likely to send Taiwan fraud suspects to China

The Thai government has arrested 25 Taiwanese nationals suspected on fraud charges. The Thai Immigration Directorate has said that after they are convicted, they will be sent to China. Taiwan’s foreign ministry also says it is unlikely that they will be sent back to Taiwan.

China investigated and gave intelligence for this particular case and sent two security officials to Thailand to work with local authorities to break the fraud ring. The victims are all in China and were conned of an estimated one hundred million baht (nearly US$3 million). That makes it difficult to persuade Thai authorities to repatriate the suspects back to Taiwan.

As for a similar case from July in which seven Taiwanese were arrested for fraud in Cambodia, the foreign ministry said that the case is undergoing the judicial process. Taiwanese officials in Cambodia are working to ensure that the Taiwanese suspects’ rights are protected and that they can be repatriated to Taiwan.

Source: Radio Taiwan International