‘Mom’s Way’ wins short film competition in Taiwan

Taipei-A film that portrays a mother's love from the perspective of three different women has won the Trending Taiwan Short Film Competition, the foreign ministry, which organized the contest, announced Wednesday.

"Mom's Way," by 37-year old government employee Max Tseng (???), tells the stories of three mothers in rural areas of Taiwan, finding ways to stay connected to their children who are either working or studying in other parts of the country.

"There is always an image of a mother that we keep in our hearts," Tseng said at the prize-giving ceremony. "We think of her whenever we are under pressure, and that gives us strength to go on."

Featuring Taiwan's rural scenery and way of life, the three-minute film won from a field of 115 entries in the 5th edition of the short film competition, which was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) as one of the ways to promote Taiwan's soft power.

In Mom's Way, a woman in a farming area cooks for her son as a way of showing her love, whenever he comes home for a visit during his vacation.

In a fishing village that is home to the indigenous Amis people, another mother advocates for environmental protection to help create a sustainable world for her children.

The third woman, a Vietnamese immigrant, lives on a farm in a remote rural area with her Taiwanese husband, far away from her children who are studying in northern Taiwan. She stays connected to them by keeping them in her thoughts all day.

At the end of the film, Tseng gives a brief narration, urging viewers to visit or at least call their mothers once in a while.

"Remember, someone far away is always thinking of you," he says.

At the award ceremony, he was presented with a certificate and check for NT$200,000 (US$6,522) for winning the competition.

Among the 20 finalists in the competition, there were two second place and three third place winners, while six were named as distinctive entries.

The Trending Taiwan Short Film Competition was launched by MOFA in 2015 to encourage the production of films that portray different aspects of Taiwan by weaving stories of everyday life.

The short films are judged based on creativity, central theme, narrative technique and technical aspects, such as camera work and editing techniques. MOFA said.

The winning entries are subtitled in different languages and uploaded to MOFA's website and social media pages for international audiences, as part of Taiwan's soft power strategy, according to the ministry.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel