Most Taiwanese travelers see WiFi as most important amenity at hotels

Taipei, Almost 70 percent of Taiwanese travelers consider free WiFi as the most important factor when booking a hotel, according to the global travel technology company Expedia.

In an online survey conducted in April among travelers from 23 countries, Expedia found that free WiFi is even more important to 66 percent of Taiwanese than the price of hotel rooms or the location of the hotel.

WiFi, room price and hotel location were viewed by 90 percent of the respondents from all 23 countries as the major factors in choosing a hotel, according to Expedia.

Meanwhile, travelers from Germany ranked No. 1 in terms of accumulated hotel stays, averaging 17.2 nights per year, while Taiwanese travelers averaged 11.4 nights per year, Expedia said, citing the poll.

On the question of the most unwelcome behavior by travelers, the respondents listed frolicking by children in public areas, noises by other people in or near hotel rooms, and noises by others in hotel corridors, in that order.

The poll was conducted online April 12-29 among 18,237 respondents from 23 countries.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel