Moving towards a new cycle of economic revolution

Since Minister of Economic Affairs C. K. Lee took office, according to President Tsai Ing-wen's politics, Taiwan has been promoting the development of a "circular economy zone", within which pollution and waste treatment will follow a model of economic output towards the goal of "zero emissions, zero waste, zero accidents.""Energy and resource integration" was the first step in recycling economy, calling the Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote the integration of the results of past energy resources, and the amount of recycling has improved from the less than ten million tons per year 10 years ago, recently reaching about 14 million tons, with a reuse rate of eighty percent. The recycling industry output value reached 67.8 billion dollars, and other reductions of the annual cost of production and sales of steam resulted in benefits of more than 3.3 billion dollars, reducing the number of high-pollution boilers by 152 and reducing carbon emissions by 851,000 tons/year.In the future, new industrial parks in Taiwan will be designed according to the concept of the circular economy. The infrastructure plan will include regional energy supply centers, regional resource recycling centers and water recycling centers to build the circular industry and low-carbon industrial parks.The Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEAIDB) will continue to implement the integration of energy and resources in industrial parks. Waste energy and materials of one factory could become the input resources of a neighboring factory, allowing the circulation and reutilization of energy, improving resource efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and achieving economic benefits as well.