Multiple traffic surges reported on Taiwan’s freeways

Heavy traffic congestion was seen in several parts of Taiwan's freeway system Sunday as the 10-day Lunar New Year holiday entered its third day.

As of 11 a.m., traffic volume reached 37.9 million vehicle-kilometers, a measure of traffic flow, and was likely to top 120 million vehicle-kilometers by the time the day was over -- both figures in line with previous estimates -- the National Freeway Bureau said.

Still, there were several road sections that saw travel speeds under 40 kilometers per hour in the morning, including Freeway No. 1's southbound lanes in northern Taiwan between the Yangmei and Chupei interchanges and between the Hsinchu and Toufen interchanges.

Similar conditions were seen on Freeway No. 1's northbound lanes between Yuanshan and Xizhi intersections in northern Taiwan; and between Nanzih and Kaohsiung Science Park intersections in southern Taiwan, it said.

On Freeway No. 3, traffic clogged southbound lanes between Sanying and Lungtan intersections in northern Taiwan; and between Kuaiguan and Wufeng intersections, and Caotun and Zhongxing interchanges in central Taiwan.

The freeway's northbound lanes also saw heavy traffic between the Xindian and Nangang intersections, according to the bureau.

Heavy traffic developed in other areas as the day wore on.

As of about 2:30 p.m., cars were traveling at speeds of 20-40 kph on northbound lanes of Freeway No. 3 from Muzha to the entrance to Freeway No. 5 and on the southbound lanes of Freeway No. 5 between Nangang and Pinglin.

They were also traveling at speeds of 40-60 kph in the Xueshan Tunnel on Freeway No. 5, between Pinglin and Toucheng.

Other traffic snarls in the afternoon were seen on Freeway No. 1's southbound lanes between Yangmei and Toufen in northern Taiwan and between Puyan and Xiluo in Changhua County.

Similar congestion was being experienced on Freeway No. 3's southbound lanes between the Yingge and Guanxi exits, the Hsinchu and Xiangshan exits, and the Houlong to Xihu service area exits in Miaoli County.

The bureau said congestion in those areas could last into the evening on Sunday.

Holiday freeway traffic is expected to remain busy on southbound lanes until Jan. 24, and heavier on northbound lanes from Jan. 25 to 29.

Information on real-time traffic conditions can be found at or by downloading the mobile application.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel