NAS lists new academicians as citizens of ‘Taiwan, China’

The US-based National Academy of Sciences (NAS) on Tuesday named Vice President Chen Chien-jen and Taiwan’s WTO representative Cyrus Chu as foreign members of the academy. However, the two men’s country of origin was listed as Taiwan, China on the academy’s official website. The website corrected the mistake and changed the name to simply read Taiwan as of Wednesday afternoon.

Asked if a task force could be formed to handle similar cases, foreign ministry spokesperson Eleanor Wang said Thursday that such a unit already exists.

Wang said, We’ve always had such a unit in the foreign ministry that is responsible for following up on such cases. Every three months we ask our representative offices overseas to wire us about any mishandling of nationality and the process of correcting the mistakes. We then follow up on the situation.

Wang said Taiwan has sought for a long time to make changes to the way it is addressed in the ISO international standard that defines codes for country names. The organization has however shown itself beholden to political pressure from China. China considers Taiwan a part of its territory and opposes any recognition of Taiwan by international organizations.

Source: Radio Taiwan International