National Taiwan Museum to host new immigrant cultural forum

The National Taiwan Museum is set to host a forum on new immigrant cultures on June 18. Taiwan in recent years has become a more culturally diverse society, now home to over a million new immigrant spouses and migrant workers.

National Taiwan Museum researcher Yuan Hsu-wen explains the upcoming event:

In the morning we will first discuss the topic ‘New Immigrants: Past and Present’ which will focus on the cultural and social acceptance of new immigrants in Taiwan and their adjustment to Taiwan society. The afternoon theme New Immigrants: Present and Future will cover the cultural rights of new Southeast Asian immigrants and how that can be included in public policy,” said Yuan.

The forum welcomes new immigrants, migrant workers and the public to participate. There will be simultaneous interpretation in Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian and English.

To help new immigrants feel more welcome in Taiwan, the National Taiwan Museum have been providing tours of the museum in Southeast Asian languages.

Source: Radio Taiwan International