New Investors Add to Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Twelve New Investment Applications Were Reviewed and Approved to Station in The Total Investment Amounted to Approximately NT$300 Million

The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) convened an investment application review meeting on 24th March 2016, and twelve new investment applications were approved to invest and station in. The total investment figures amounted to NT$322.76 million, which is expected to increase 190 job vacancies. Three companies, including Mega Sunergy Co., Ltd. stationing in Linkuang Export Processing Zone (LEPZ), Argosy International Inc. (American company) stationing in Chungkang Export Processing Zone (CEPZ), and Endex Automation Technology Co., Ltd. stationing in Taichung Software Park (TSP), are innovative industries of solar energy, aerospace, and intelligent machines, and these companies will accelerate to promote the momentum of industrial transformation.

Mega Sunergy Co., Ltd. invested NT$ 49.26 million and entered LEPZ, manufacturing solar panels, and it is the middle-stream company of the solar industrial chain. Its potential customers are middle-stream solar cell manufacturers and down-stream solar system manufacturers. In addition, Mega Sunergy Co., Ltd. has cooperated with National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences in setting up the solar modules RD center for aiming at improving modules safety, performance, efficiency, and reliability.

This time a foreign investment application is included in. The American Company, Argosy International Inc., which is the leading company that provides aerospace composites in the world, invested NT$ 43 million and set up Argosy Taiwan Aerospace Materials Inc. in CEPZ. It provides aerospace industries with production and maintenance materials, and it also provides composites such as prepreg of carbon fibers and adhesive films that used in cars, industry, and transportation. Now it has no competitor in Taiwan. In addition, Argosy Taiwan Aerospace Materials Inc. is the member of civil aircraft components A-Team 4.0 of Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation. And Argosy Taiwan Aerospace Materials Inc. will provide localized and instant full services for its customers by having a great location of CEPZs ports of entry and export in central Taiwan.

Endex Automation Technology Co., Ltd. invested NT$ 30 million and stationed in TSP, providing RD, design, and marketing services of control systems and drivers. According to the EPZA, domestic companies manufacturing controllers and machine tools of automation equipment have clustered as an important industrial settlement in central Taiwan. After stationing in TSP, Endex Automation Technology Co., Ltd. will take advantage of industrial clustering, endeavour to accumulate energy of industrial technologies and take the lead of talents spread, keep on developing new machines and products, increase its added-value, intensify competitiveness of overall industries, and give impetus for industries to receive the upgrade of economic benefits.

Furthermore, other eight investment applications were approved to station in TSP including Ho Ching Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd., Duly Software Testing Ltd., Super-Fast Digital Technology Printing Co., Ltd., Huangs Smart Cycling Ing., Eastern Chemicals Co., Ltd., Xin Yu Development Co., Ltd., Ever Sincerity Information System Co., Ltd., and Kang Fei Tech Co., Ltd. Optimistic about TSPs rich resources and great potentialities area for development, these new companies set up centers of information software, innovative RD, cultural and creative design, and talents training. For enhancing brand values, they also combined customers experiential services with information communication technologies and software in order to create high value-added products. This was expected to intensify industrial clustering benefits in TSP, and laid solid cornerstones for companies further long-term development.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs