Newspaper purchase wins NT$10 million on uniform invoice lottery

Taipei (CNA) A consumer who spent only NT$10 (US$0.33) to buy a newspaper in a convenience store was among 13 winners of the top jackpot prize of NT$10 million in the November December 2019 uniform invoice lottery, according to the Ministry of Finance (MOF).

The lucky winner received the winning receipt at a convenience store in Chungli, Taoyuan in northern Taiwan.

A consumer who also won the top prize paid only NT$20 for parking in Taoyuan, while another bought a coffee for NT$23 at a convenience store in Miaoli and another spent NT$35 on a snack at a convenience store in Taoyuan and won NT$10 million, the MOF said.

Among the 13 winners, nine spent less than NT$100 to win the top prize, including one who bought three bowls of rice at a Thai restaurant in Taipei, the MOF said.

The MOF said the largest purchase among the top prize winners was NT$575.

The MOF also released a list of 18 winners of the grand prize of NT$2 million for the November December uniform invoice lottery with a winning number of 01260528.

Out of the 18, nine spent less than NT$100 for their purchases, including one consumer who bought juice for NT$15 at a convenience store in Kaohsiung, the MOF said.

The MOF said a customer of Apple Inc.’s App store who paid NT$150 for iTune services also won NT$2 million. December was the first month in which Apple issued cloud based uniform invoices in Taiwan.

The winnings can be claimed from Feb. 6 to May 5, the MOF added.

Meanwhile, the MOF said the top prize for two uniform invoices with the winning number of 41482012 issued for the September October 2019 period remained unclaimed, with a deadline of March 5.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel